Exhibition of Skater Portraits in Lobby

Policy - Exhibition of Skater Portraits in Lobby (March 2011)


To have transparency in the selection of skaters whose portraits are displayed in the Minto Skating Centre lobby. This policy does not cover pictures displayed on the Club bulletin boards or show cases. This exhibition of skaters’ portraits is intended to be a fundraiser for the Minto Skating Club, with all proceeds going to support Club Programs.


  1. All skaters who are registered in a Minto StarSkate, CompetitiveSkate, or AdultSkate programs are eligible.
  2. Photos will be displayed on a first come - first served basis.
  3. All photos will be displayed for a one year period (September to August). The Club reserves the right to rotate photos every six months to accommodate demand.
  4. All photos are the property of Minto Skating Club until released after the one year period, or shorter period as per point 3. above.
  5. In order to have fair representation of skaters, the Club will allocate a number of allowable portraits to each skating program, as identified in point 1 above. This will be proportional to the number of skaters in those groups for that particular skating year.
  6. Skaters must submit a CD with two digital color pictures, the Club will choose one to be displayed.
  7. All pictures must have skaters in full skating attire (practice or competition), on a skating surface.
  8. Any skaters who medal at a BMO Canadian Championship in the previous skating season will have their picture displayed at no charge.
  9. Each skater will have one photo exhibited on the wall at one time, except in the case of dual discipline skaters where one photo for each discipline may be permitted.
  10. In the event the Minto Skating Centre renovates the lobby, the pictures will be stored until there is a suitable place for them to be displayed again, at the discretion of the Minto Skating Centre.
  11. The Minto Skating Club does not take responsibility for damaged or stolen pictures.
  12. The Club will determine the cost of displaying the photos on an annual basis. This will take into account the cost of producing each photo.

Prepared by Darryl VanLuven, Minto SC – Skating Coordinator, 23-Feb-2011 Approved Mar 1,2011

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