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    This program is an extension of the Minto Skating Club CanSkate program. Skaters can now begin to apply their new skills to the game of hockey.

    Multi-directional skating skills will be the central focus, the progression of drills will be based on the skater’s competency.

    Skating skills that will be touched upon: Stopping, Pivoting, Tight Turns, Crossovers, Transitions and Backwards skating

    Pucks will be integrated into the drills at specific times so that players can get more proficient with puck control, passing, and shooting.

    Please see Minto Skating Club Office for registration details.

    • 10:1 Student to Coach ratio
    • Must be at least Stage 4 in the CanSkate Program
    • (If not sure of level, contact the club office)
    • Must continue with at least one CanSkate session per week.
    • Must wear full hockey equipment

    We do not currently have any Intro to Hockey sessions in our schedule. Contact our Office Administrator for future availability.