Skate Ontario StarSkate Championships and Skate Ontario Cup

    The Provincial Championships were held this year  in Fort Erie, Ontario 23rd and 24th March.  The competition is split into two sections - the Skate Ontario StarSkate Championships are for Jr. Bronze - Gold and Pre-Juvenille and the Skate Ontario Cup is for Juvenille - Novice.  Minto Skating club had many skaters qualify for this competition.

    Congratulations to all our skaters - you made us very proud!  Special Congratulations to our medalists:
    Gabriel Riendeau 3rd, Alexis Dion 1st and Matthew Markell (Prescott) 1st.

    Here are the results:


    Skate Ontario StarSkate Championships

    Matthew Kreft - Junior Bronze Men - 9th
    Daniel Kreft - Junior Bronze Men - 11th
    Chloe Sills (Nepean) and Roman Schmidt - Junior Bronze Dance - 4th
    Morgan McMillan - Gold Ladies - withdrawn
    Katelyn Cochrane - Pre-Juvenille (U11) Ladies - 9th
    Gabriel Riendeau - Pre-Juvenille (U14) Men - 3rd
    Johnathan Seck - Pre-Juvenille (U14) Men - 6th

    Skate Ontario Cup

    Jon Kubelka - Juvenille (U14) Men - 5th
    Matthew Markell (Prescott) - Juvenille (U14) Men - 1st
    Dominic Tremblay and Ashley Ingram - Juvenille Dance - 8th
    Emily Rowan (Rideau)  and Nicolas Znamenski (CPA Hull) - Juvenille Dance - 7th
    Hannah Dawson
    - Pre-Novice Ladies - 9th
    Analisa Love Tedjoutomo
    - Pre-Novice Ladies - 4th
    Alexis Dion
    - Pre-Novice Ladies - 1st